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“Move on” is the simplest and the most common advice people give during hardships without analyzing the depth of the situation. Yet, the worst phase a person can cope with and left with lifetime regret.

“Regret; an emotional response to past conditions, problems, mistakes, and guilts.” Instead of regret, moving on with a positive mindset and firm attitude is a sign of bravery that a few can master.

To master the art of moving on, individuals must consider a few crucial points and work on them with a cheerful determination to change the meaning of life.

Accept Your Past:

The first and top priority is to accept the past, whatever happened is done, and you don’t have the power to change it. Life is filled with mistakes! Holding your past mistakes will give you high-level stress and depression. Instead of regretting and holding your past mistakes, move forward without regret but with the lessons and experiences. Take as much time as you need, but once you are done, then never look back again to the past.

Embrace The Changes:

Changes are part of nature! Instead of crying over an uncontrollable situation, go with the flow and embrace reality. Changes are good; they come with hope and new opportunities for an individual. It is on a person how to tackle it; either they can miss it or take the maximum out of it.

Practice Self-Compassion:

Regret is a self-punishment without relief! Instead of punishing yourself, be a game changer. Set an intrinsic motive, and try hard to develop a strong focus while growing and learning during the journey. Evoke, self-compassion is a sense of safety that makes a person overcome weakness with positive life changes.

Emphasis On Present:

Emphasizing on present is essential. Recalling the past will make current progress stagnant and the future complicated. Instead, live in the moment, be kind, and try to extract all out. Never drag your past mistakes, experiences, or regrets into the present; live in the moment with confidence and optimistic thoughts.

Customary Goals:

Stop comparing yourself with others; comparison will drag you into the past with remorse. All are blessed differently and in varying time zone. Give your desired goals the top priority, and work selflessly on them with core belief and compassion. Never change your goals with the discrimination of others; remember, your dreams are essential for you, and no one has ever been or will be in your shoes.

Surround Yourself With Positive People:

Your environment is directly proportional to your mental health. Positive people with life goals will motivate you to do better and encourage you to face challenges without fear. People with a positive mindset are encouragers without the essence of jealousy to drag other’s down.

Be A Risk Taker:

Fear of failure from the past weighs you down, stop fearing and move on with confidence. Mistakes are the stepping stones toward success. If your attempts get missed, don’t worry; try again, as you will be redoing it with experience. Reminisce, Rome was not built in a day!

Let Go Of Uncontrollable Things:

Few results and consequences are out of our control due to missed opportunities or bad decisions. Let them go; no one is perfect; everything is skilled with repeated mistakes. Learn from your flaws and accept the truth.

Dumb your emotional baggage of doubts; live life without regret! Let people judge you, do what is good for you! Remember, you will be with you till your last breath, and your responsibility is to keep yourself motivated and positive.

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