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About Author

Enjoy life as it is happening, as Donald has done. The book “What” is prepared to share such experiences with you. Be in the moment, don’t dwell in the past. Let’s take the first step towards a better mindset.

My Story

A journey of mine, lived a life full of adventure and colorful moments. We are all riddled with a plethora of questions, which makes our daily lives hectic and monotonous. Penned down imagination and real-life incidents to create a path of acceptance. This is the ideal escape for a person to gain a relaxed and joyful perspective on their temporary exhaustion. Live a life that includes a collection of short stories like this one.

Personal Life

Don came from a middle class working family in 1946. He grew up in Boise Idaho where he graduated from Boise High school in 1964. At that point he joined the U.S. Airforce where he spent four years of duty. His life’s work came from the training he received there. this consisted of warehousing, shipping, receiving and inventory control. After two years at and airbase in California and two years at an airbase on the island of Crete Greece he returned to civilian life. After three marriages, four daughters and a head of grey hair he re tired. This book is a collection of miscellaneous ramblings of a warped mind. Some of the things you will read are actually short stories that come from somewhere in this thing that sit’s underneath my hairline. some things are just thought of little snipits of things that come to mind. It is intended to be a fun read that you can put down and come back to later. there are no chapters in it and nothing is catagorized.

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