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“From Birth to Old Age: A Commercial Journey through Life’s Stages” alludes to the various stages or turning points people experience from early childhood to old age. Each stage of life comes with experiences, requirements, hurdles, breakdowns, emotions, and difficulties. Few handle them like a pro, whereas many are shattered at different stages.

Let’s explore the compulsive stages of life, which can’t be neglected, skipped, or denied!


The beginning of human life. A stage of life, a new beginning, is adored by people. A period of helplessness, where a toddler entirely depends upon parents or guardians to perform activities or be fed. An infant doesn’t understand what is happening around them; they just know one language: the language of love and compassion.


An age where children are dependent on the assistance or supervision of parents or guardians. The beginning of the initial steps in human life is typically from one year to around seven. The early and most vulnerable phase of a person’s life journey. A child’s life is limited to spreading a smile, eating, and playing joyfully with people around them. Mostly their diet starts from semi-solid food due to weak metabolism to solid food for better nutrition and development in the toddler days. Childhood days are joyful, tension-free days without the stress and tension of worldly treasures.


An age of stepping stones in the maturity phase with immaturity! From thirteen to nineteen, the journey from a paradigm shift, from being an obedient high school student to a heartbroken university student. An age that comes with a life surrounded by multiple pressures. A study pressure from family to attain good grades and a better and respectable career. An age where an individual makes lots of friends that are responsible for molding the career. Moreover, the undeniable factor in the digital era is that teenagers are attracted to the opposite gender! Being silly around each other and making themselves look foolish for the sake of temporary attraction, so-called love.

Young Aged:

An age of passion, obsession, enthusiasm, hardships, career orientation, the pressure of starting a family, and supporting a family. A young blood who is a passionate, hyper-active, sentimental, and angry young fellow. In this age, a quest to achieve success makes them ambitious, and in the process of being successful, some sink into the usage of drugs, and few flourish. It is the time to explore your inner self and develop lifetime habits.

Middle Aged:

They are knowledgeable, experienced, and opinionated toward others in this age phase. Those who have established themselves and are successful consider themselves the ordering authority who can emphasize their decisions on their family members without concern. A conceited living being due to success. A mature person who can detect another’s nature with a glance. They have the wisdom to segregate people, even if they advise their children on what’s good and bad for them, but they won’t understand it at puberty.

Old Aged:

A person comes to an aged and not what they once were. They lose their intellectuality and physique. They are people of experience but short of stamina. The quality they possess with time is that they learn how to keep the family intact. Mainly they depend on medicines, they start having weak digestion, eye side, and body, and some want to start depending upon their children for support. They begin to lose memory too, which is not their fault but the harsh age factor!



An undeniable life reality every living being has to go through! An age considered as childhood returns is a loss of mind in senility. Time to bid farewell to mortal life and worldly treasures while sinking into the oblivion of death.

No one can deny the reality that everyone has to go through different stages of life; each step comes for a limited time and teaches us numerous things. Nothing goes to waste; each passing stages are the stepping stone toward success. People should cherish every stage; no one knows how long they are guests in the mortal world!

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